November 1st Two Week Reminders

Hello 2019 Scholars,
Tomorrow is the two-week deadline to request transcripts, a counselor letter of recommendation and teacher(s) letter of recommendation for November 1st. Please check your school of interest for application dates/deadlines. You will want to review the application materials . 

  • You need to complete a paper-based transcript request form. I need this form to process your transcript and submit to the specific school.
  • Complete the counselor and teacher request form (if part of your application). You will not receive the completed counselor or teacher letter. Instead, the letters will be uploaded directly in Naviance and submitted electronically to the admissions office.
  • Please continue to monitor your application(s) in Naviance. Review and identify if a requested teacher letter of recommendation has yet to be submitted. If this is the case, please kindly remind the teacher of your request. Please remember the two weeks before Nov. 1 is a very busy time for teachers and letters of recommendation.
  • Ms. Brademeyer sent an important email regarding your test scores. Schools (except in a few cases) will only accept ACT/SAT scores directly from the organization. As Ms. Brademeyer noted, you will want to reach out and confirm the scores are sent to your potential schools. Simply circling “send my test scores” on the transcript form will not meet the official admissions criteria.
  • Early Decision is binding. Some of you circled this option on your paper based transcript request form. If this was intentional then you need to see me ASAP. Early decision requires an additional step on my end before the application can be processed and submitted to the university.

 I hope this provides clarity regarding the November 1st deadline. As we move ahead, remember these upcoming tasks. Also, remember the tasks you have already completed!

Dr. Milligan