Welcome Class of 2021

My name is Dr. Milligan. I will serve as your School Counselor for the next four years. I look forward to supporting you throughout your CAHS experience. Over the next four years we will work on your social emotional, academic and college/career readiness skills.

Starting a new school, or experience, can be rewarding, challenging and also stressful. CAHS is a supportive learning environment. However, you should be proactive! This is a new experience for each of you. Here is some advice to successfully transition to CAHS.

· On the first day of school you will receive The CAHS Student Directory of Assistance. This lists each teacher, subject area, available periods during the day and contact information. Each day during lunch, there are labs for Humanities, Math and Science. This information will be in the directory as well. You will know specifically where, when and how to get academic help.

· Start Strong. Do not avoid the new challenge. Avoidance causes more stress and you are better off placing your energy into learning.

· Stay organized. Use your daily planner to write down assignments.

· Get involved. CAHS is a wonderful place. It is important that you find different ways to become involved in the school. Look at joining a student group, any extra-curricular activity or various clubs and organizations. Keeping a healthy balance will be helpful to you.

· The counseling office is located in room 117. This is down the hall from the main office. Come see us!

· Visit www.schoolcounselor.today. Frequently, unique opportunities are posted on this site.

Once again, welcome to your new school. CAHS is full of new peers, teachers and opportunities. I am excited to work with you. Reach out and try hard.

In Support,

Dr. Milligan