Central Ohio Leadership Academy---Students in cohort 2016 or 2017.

The Central Ohio Leadership Academy (COLA), established in 2011 by the New Albany Community Foundation and presented by the Educational Service Center of Central Ohio, is the preeminent leadership development experience for rising high school seniors in central Ohio.

During the intensive six-day COLA experience, students develop their leadership effectiveness by participating in professionally facilitated training sessions, interactive team challenges, and substantial discussions with peers and proven community leaders.

Through a competitive application process, 45 high school upperclassmen graduating in 2016 or 2017 from across Central Ohio will be accepted into the 2015 COLA class.

Ideal student applicants:
Demonstrate notable leadership ability among peers
Pursue interests outside of the classroom
Are eager to learn and self-improve
Have an interest in becoming a more effective leader.

Completed applications consist of the following four components:
A completed information cover sheet with the information requested at the bottom of this page.
A resume or complete listing of current and past community and/or school involvements. Dates of involvement as well as roles/responsibilities should be indicated.
Responses to the following three questions with no more than 300 words each:
Why do you need to attend the Central Ohio Leadership Academy?
Choose one person who you look up to as a leader. Describe who they are, and explain what leadership behaviors they enact that you find inspirational.
What do you want to accomplish by the end of your senior year of high school, and what do you hope to do post-graduation?
One recommendation letter from an adult or educator (no family relation) that can speak to the applicant's leadership abilities. Additional recommendation letters may be submitted from COLA alumni to further support ones candidacy.
Applications can be filled out online or submitted via U.S. Mail by Monday, April 27.
Applications can be completed via the online form here. IMPORTANT NOTE: The online application form does not allow you to re-access your responses after closing the window or pressing submit. We recommend that you prepare your responses in a separate word document before completing the online application form.
Recommendation letters can be uploaded here.