Graduation Date and Location

Our CAHS Graduation will be held Saturday, June 1, 2019, at 11:30am at The Convention Center (Union Station Ballroom).

University of Akron Women in Engineering Program

The Women in Engineering Program at The University of Akron, is pleased to host a visit day for any high school girl interested in Engineering on Saturday, December 8th, 2018. The day begins at 8:30 a.m. Please use the link below for additional information.


20 Under 20

Congratulations to our CAHS students, recipients of  the 20 under 20 award. The award was presented by Columbus City Council to individuals under the age of 20 for remarkable community volunteerism and activism.

Columbus Alternative HIgh School Franklin County Youth Council Members

These CAHS Scholars enacted an important role at today's city of Columbus Neighborhood Summit. Each student serves on the Franklin County Youth Council, working to better their community each day! Another reminder to get involved and review the club lists from last week!

November 1st Two Week Reminders

Hello 2019 Scholars,
Tomorrow is the two-week deadline to request transcripts, a counselor letter of recommendation and teacher(s) letter of recommendation for November 1st. Please check your school of interest for application dates/deadlines. You will want to review the application materials . 

  • You need to complete a paper-based transcript request form. I need this form to process your transcript and submit to the specific school.
  • Complete the counselor and teacher request form (if part of your application). You will not receive the completed counselor or teacher letter. Instead, the letters will be uploaded directly in Naviance and submitted electronically to the admissions office.
  • Please continue to monitor your application(s) in Naviance. Review and identify if a requested teacher letter of recommendation has yet to be submitted. If this is the case, please kindly remind the teacher of your request. Please remember the two weeks before Nov. 1 is a very busy time for teachers and letters of recommendation.
  • Ms. Brademeyer sent an important email regarding your test scores. Schools (except in a few cases) will only accept ACT/SAT scores directly from the organization. As Ms. Brademeyer noted, you will want to reach out and confirm the scores are sent to your potential schools. Simply circling “send my test scores” on the transcript form will not meet the official admissions criteria.
  • Early Decision is binding. Some of you circled this option on your paper based transcript request form. If this was intentional then you need to see me ASAP. Early decision requires an additional step on my end before the application can be processed and submitted to the university.

 I hope this provides clarity regarding the November 1st deadline. As we move ahead, remember these upcoming tasks. Also, remember the tasks you have already completed!

Dr. Milligan

The Ohio State University Pharmacy Day

There is still time to register for The Ohio State University Pharmacy Day on October 20, 2018 from 11:00am-3:30pm. This is a career exploration program on-campus at The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy for current high school students. You can register online at http://go.osu.edu/pharmacydayfall2018

During this free event, you’ll get the chance to:
· Explore careers in Pharmacy practice and research
· Learn about how a Pharmaceutical Sciences education can prepare you for your next step, even if that’s a career as a researcher, a physician, a dentist, optometrist, and many others
· Learn about our undergraduate major, The Bachelors in Pharmaceutical Sciences (http://go.osu.edu/bsps)
· Explore our Early Admissions Pathway for high-school seniors, which guarantees you admission to the PharmD program once you graduate with your bachelor’s degree (http://go.osu.edu/copeap).

71 CAHS students attended the Kiwanis Fair

There is also an evening session. Families and students can attend the fair from 6-8:00 PM. The location is COSI. 333 W. Broad Street. You will have the chance to meet and converse with college admissions representatives from across the country. You may even recognize some from our CAHS college visits!

OSU Upward Bound Program

Upward Bound is a year round federally funded program supporting students as they pursue a post-secondary education program. The program is seeking applicants who meet the following criteria

First Generation
GPA of 2.5 or above
Neighborhood School is Briggs, East,Independence, Northland, South or Walnut Ridge.

Please see Ms. Higgins or Dr. Milligan for additional information.

Counselor Letter of Rec

Be proactive, pick up your teacher/counselor letter of rec forms from our office.Take time to complete the forms by documenting your unique awesomeness using specific experiences. In other words, have fun bragging! Turn in 10 days before any upcoming deadlines

Welcome back from Stratford Festival

To our 2019 scholars who attended last week's Stratford Festival... Tomorrow, 9/25, we will hold a follow up classroom college planning session during Mod 7, room 223. We will review the information we shared during on Th/F visits. Please report to 223 start of Mod 7.

Important Senior Meeting

Class of 2019,
As you know, our college evening session was postponed due to a building-wide power outage. Ms. Lewis, Ms. Smith, Ms. Brademeyer and I have established the following dates to address the related stressors of an additional postponement.
  • Tomorrow, Thursday, September 13th, we will hold an important senior class meeting at 10:00 AM.
  • We have rescheduled the important college evening session for Tuesday, September 18th at 7:00 PM.
  • Ms. Brademeyer and I will be in the 12th grade English classrooms on September 20th and 21st.

Each of you will receive an individualized folder with the following materials:
  1. Your Transcript
  2. Your OST points report (18 needed for graduation)
  3. A graduation agreement form listing the required courses by diploma type
  4. A transcript request form with specific directions 
  5. A teacher/counselor recommendation form with specific directions 
  6. A 12th grade timeline 
  7. A printed copy of how to navigate naviance as it relates to college applications, recommendations and requests. 
  8. A list of follow up dates when we will reconvene to monitor progress, including an additional October evening session for students and families. 

The reasons for the postponements are beyond our scope of control. Actually, this will serve as a guide throughout the year, as there will be certain aspects of your post secondary path you can impact and other parts outside of your sphere of influence. As stated in a previous email, all of your college opportunities are ahead and you have not missed any deadlines or benchmarks. A perfect time to recall our 2019 pillars!

We are Communicators,  Have Awareness,  Recognize Health and  Develop Strategies
See you tomorrow!
Dr. Milligan

Denison Visit - September 19

Students, cohort 2019, will have the opportunity to visit Denison on September 19th. Students must have a 3.0 or higher. Register below using this link.


Senior Evening Meeting Rescheduled for September 11th at 7:00 PM

Our senior meeting has been rescheduled for September 11th at CAHS @ 7:00 (Due to high and middle schools dismissing 2.5 hours early tomorrow). We will continue to plan and look forward to seeing you on the 11th.

Class of 2019 Meeting

Great work today Ahmad (C) , Omar (A) Denaya (H) and Petrina (S).
Thanks for sharing our 2019 C.A.H.S. terms during our senior class assembly.
We are Communicators, have Awareness, recognize Health, develop Strategies.

Class of 2019 We Want to Answer Your Post-Secondary Questions!

As we prepare for the upcoming Mandatory Senior Meeting, our monthly Senior Meetings and plan other Senior or CAHS School wide events we would like to gather your feedback. Answers to your questions or suggested topics will be covered through one of the following avenues: our Senior meetings, via a Senior Newsletter, or our Google Classroom Senior Page( join code: s22gm4j)


Naviance Login Refresher?

I received a few questions/refreshers about logging into Naviance. Below is a link. Please use your student ID as your username and password. Make sure your email is current in as well. Keep up the questions/emails!

Mandatory Senior Meeting: Tuesday August 28th, 6:00 p.m. in the CAHS Auditorium

An important message from CAHS Administration

Mandatory Senior Meeting: Tuesday August 28th, 6:00 p.m. in the CAHS Auditorium
Dr. Milligan and Ms. Brademeyer will cover important topics regarding: graduation, college search, financial aid and scholarships and other important information regarding the journey of the Senior year. Dr. Velo will also meet with any family at the end whose student will take an AP or IB test in the spring.

Out of Cohort/VCAP Meeting: Tuesday, August 28th 5:30 CAHS Room 128
Studnets that are missing credits required for grade level promotion and/or Cohort 2019 students that are unable to fit a graduation requirement on their schedule are strongly encouraged to attend this informational meeting.

Internship Opportunities Fair: Tuesday August 28th 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. in the CAHS Cafeteria
Mrs. Smith has organized a small internship fair of local agencies for students who are still seeking to secure an internship for the 2018-2019 school year.
I am attending the Florida IB Conference regarding mental health and academic rigor. As you continue to be productive, please remember the break in summer break. Remember the "Balance" of our IB student profile.

We understand the importance of balancing different aspects of our lives—intellectual, physical, and emotional—to achieve well-being for ourselves and others. We recognize our interdependence with other people and with the world in which we live.